Awards, Publications

Published Newspaper and Magazine Articles

·    Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine. Multiple articles, some business related, some short stories (during my project to restore Historic Downtown Flagstaff, 1992 thru 1998).

·    The Australian, one of the largest circulation newspapers in Australia, based in Melbourne, Victoria. “A Battle For Our Home—Andre Wins The Open” (a story of battling a raging bushfire, January 2003).

·    Home Power Magazine. “The Choice for Micro” (June 2003). “Water Rites” (December 2007). (Click here to see article)

·    The Boatman’s Quarterly Review. “Sinyala Fault” (June 2007). “High Water, 1983” (March 2008). (Click here for Sinyala article)  (Click here for 83 article (page 36)

·    Cumec Magazine. “First Descent (?) Down the Genoa” (March 2008) (click here for article).

·, an online writer’s webzine. “Sinyala Fault” (Christmas issue, 2008), and "Onwards Wayward Boatmen" (summer 2009). (click here for Onwards Wayward Boatmen article).

·    High Country News, Peaonia, Colorado (quotes from High Water, 1983)

·    Paddling Life Magazine eZine: High Water, 1983

.   The Boatman's Quarterly Review: "Ancient Ones of Grand Canyon", (October, 2011) (click here for article, page 24).

.    OARS 2012 Catalogue, "Hiking the Bright Angel Trail", (November, 2011) (click here for article).

.   Canyon Voices, 2012: "Andre's Red Knickers", a story about river guide rituals

.   Patagonia's Emagazine, The Cleanest Line: Andre's Red Knickers, A story about boatmen's rituals: (click here to go to site)

.   OARS' "Ask The River God" series (click here to view articles).

.   Upstreet, Volume 9: "Flames In The High Country, July 2013

.   The Adventure Collection Interview, “Well Guided":

.   Canyon Voices, 2013: “The Havasu Flash Flood of 1984”:

.   OARS Website:

.   The Owner Builder Magazine: Three articles in successive issues: First one on building our micro-hydro power plant, Second on our home itself, and third on how we saved ourselves from the bushfires in ’03. Here’s the second one:

.   The Boatman’s Quarterly Review: “Why My Dory is Named the Sam McGee” Fall 2015 issue



·    Jumping Mouse: River Trips for People With Disabilities. Published by Grand Canyon Association 1993

·    Flames Across The Mountains. Published by Leanne Appleby in Australia 2004

.  Serious Microhydro. Two chapters in collection by Scott Davis, published by New Society Publishers. 2011


.   Available for the Kindle on Amazon: "Onwards Wayward Boatmen", part of the series called "I Can't Make This Shit Up". 5 Chapters, including:

Sinyala Fault

The Havasu Flash Flood of 1984


3311: A Paramedic Story

Snowshoes, an idiot travels through Yellowstone.


Speaking Engagements and Interviews:


·    On river nightly presentations in front of an audience of 25 to 35 people.

·    2008 Grand Canyon River Guides Training Seminar. Presentation of the 1983 High Water Year slideshow and talk.

·    Book Club Readings: Beyond Thunder, read for California Book Club, January 20, 2010, Borders Books, San Mateo.

·    Ongoing REI presentations of: ONWARDS WAYWARD BOATMEN, a 1 hour slideshow with video and storytelling from 40 years in the Grand Canyon.

·    Featured in Don’s Place, Adventure Collection, at:

·    Featured in the blog: A Nomad’s Lot, at

·    Series of interviews on internet radio about “Cool Outdoor Adventures” and “Slices of Americana” with Wende Meister, at:

·    Two interviews on Travel With Rick Steves, July 30 and September 9, 2010




·    Nominated for best non-fiction at the 2010 San Francisco Writer’s Conference: Onwards Wayward Boatmen.

.   2011 Editor's Choice and Bronze Award for Best Adventure Travel story: "Beyond Thunder",

.  2011 Editor's Choice for Flying Carpet story, and Gold Award for Best Bad Trip: "Sinyala Fault",

A riveting collection of adventure narratives

"Exquisite, urgent memories, truly powerful, supernova and all. I can smell it."

–Craig Childs, author

"Thank you for your willingness to work with us and excitement! We love reading about your adventurous excursions with the way you bring people to life and also paint a vivid picture that those who have never even been on a river can even see and experience.

–From the editors at Canyon Voices

“…[G]reat stories—ones that would appeal to more than the river crowd.”

—Scott Thybony, author of the Incredible Grand Canyon, Rock Art of the American Southwest, and Outlaws and Gunslingers


“There is a life which is interesting, reflective, reactive, honest and raw. There is plenty to relate to on a feeling, human level…. I laughed, cried, bit my nails, and felt like I was privy to a very personal story…. Your descriptions of places and events take me there and are worded with some very good turns of phrase that make me emphatically say, YES!”

—Deb Dohm, editor


“It was just terrific—interesting, informative, colorfully descriptive, increasingly intense, exciting, dramatic! I thoroughly enjoyed it, every word of it, ... When's the next fabulous tale?”

—Ann Waybur, 90-year-old former Grand Canyon client (the first woman to graduate UC Berkeley summa-cum-laude in 1941)